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Saturday, June 23, 2012

How Blood Type Determines Your Health

After reading some of my articles you might be overwhelmed with how to start feeling better with a different way of eating and diet.
This next information really helped me. I didnt realize how much better I fely not eating chicken and tomatoes until I just took them off my plate. I now, of course, have to make two different meals sometimes, because hubby can eat chicken not beef and I can eat beef not chicken. Its strange, but it seems to work. Fortunally, we can eat turkey and some fish.
By combining my digestion suggestions and this "Blood Type" diet along with taking any necessary suppliments you could feel a lot different along with more energy.
Here is how this goes. First find out your blood type. Next I go to the DO NOT EAT part of this diet and focus on those items. My hubby is type A and eats mainly fish, some meat, and veggies. As for me, thank goodness, I can eat meat and of course veggies and fruits.
Intro to Blood Type Diet
Type A
Type B
Type O
Type AB

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