This blog is to inform readers about how to prevent, or minimize the risks of cancer through dietary changes, taking supplements, learning how to use fruits and vegetables in juicing and smoothies full of healthy goodness. Modern medicine puts too much emphasis on what drugs or treatments you might need and not enough on nutritional complements to those treatments.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

In My Opinion

First of all to make a long story short, I am a kidney cancer survivor from 2005. My OBGYN ordered a CT Scan looking for something else and found a tumor on my right kidney and an issue with my right ovary. The doctors took both right ovary and right kidney out and that was it. I have been cancer free since that time and have decided to stay away from synthetic drugs, pesticides, processed foods (as much as I can), hormones (dairy and meats), and if I can, genetically modified foods. It’s hard to do this, but more and more places are getting away from those GMS.

Each year doctors want a CT Scan, X-rays, and blood tests. I feel like I will eventually glow in the dark. Oh yes, and the dreaded mammogram. I am doing research in Thermograms. (Mammography vs Thermography)

Living in TX is nice, but there are a lot of toxins in the air and what better place for the best cancer hospital in the US, yes MD Anderson.

To put it bluntly, I do not think traditional medicine believes in curing cancer. Sure, there are a few cancers that seem to have a cure, but nothing is forever. Over the long term why cure cancer when FDA, cancer hospitals, and doctors can still reap millions in income? Just a question.

My focus is on PREVENTION not just cure. Yes, you are not going to prevent everything, but at least you can help. Here are some of my daily supplements.

Always check for number of mg's per serving.

*Good multi-vitamins (from you are not getting enough in your daily diet. Vitacost also has 55+ vitamins. I have compared both and felt this multi-vitamin was sufficient.

*Calcium capsules

*Salmon oil gel capsules (also good for memory)

*Valerian Root capsules when I have a headache or a lot on my mind and cant sleep.

*Turmeric capsules is also good for inflammation and an anti-cancer supplement.

*Hubby and I take Colestroff (it’s a supplement instead of a drug) for our cholesterol. Works great.

*Bromelain capsules for inflamed joints. You can drink pineapple juice (no sugar added) or just the fruit.

*Cranberry capsules. I take two of them once a month for bladder health.
*Remember squeeze lemon juice in a glass of water daily. This helps with toxins.

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